Work Place Health

An innovative, strategic, affordable health management solution designed to screen and help improve employees health and well-being, increase productivity and  control healthcare costs.

Why Health ePrints For The Workplace?


    • This program is custom made to help small and midsize companies to provide employees with specific preventive health lab data  and better tools for health awareness.
    • 70% of all medical decisions involve Laboratory testing and, through our Health e-Prints more than 25% par­ticipants can find medical conditions that are usually not reported through other basic health programs.
    • Health e-Prints For The Work Place is the most affordable, confidential and convenient way to give your employees the gift of wellness

Health e-Prints For the WorkPlace  CALL US 1-866-478-3417

    • A unique Internet based approach
    • Quick enrollment and execution
    • No loss of working time. Simplified logistics
    • Employer announces wellness program to employees…we do the rest.

    • Employees register in five minutes.
    • Take blood sample in 15 minutes.
    • Download results in 48 hours..
    • No Names – No Wait – No Hassle