Wellness Program

To a whole person everything appears as connected. What you think and feel affects your eating. Your relationships, exercise level, and eating habits affect how you manage stress. How you find meaning in life affects your personal and professional relationships as well as your attitudes and choices for health and wellness.

One Full Year Program

Health ePrints For Wellness

The purpose of this program is:

    • to give you direct access to measurement of your most important biometric and laboratory parameters which are considered critical for preventing illness and enjoying good health and longevity
    • to allow you create your own Personal Health Management System on line where you store your own significant data for health and wellness maintenance and even share them with your health provider
    • to introduce you to a whole-person approach through a powerful holistic inventory not limited only to diet and exercise adjustments and prescriptions
    • to address all internal factors and processes which impact your biology and your world view
    • to identify root causes and ways to improve your health and well-being


Health e-Prints For Wellness – One Year Program
Includes a comprehensive panel of blood tests, a Free Health Management System  & One Year Wellness Program


During the past two decades, developments in biology, neurology, and psychology have clearly demonstrated the mind-body connection and proven that our total well-being must incorporate all dimensions of our lives. What we think and understand impact our behavior, and that determines our choices.

You, as a whole person, aren’t limited to diet and exercise or meditation. Whole-person well-being is understanding, tracking, and balancing all of life’s dimensions – everything you think, feel and do – for your optimal health and vitality. The many dimensions of our Wellness Program identify these areas that you can manage and improve.

This approach helps you make better choices to improve specific aspects of your life and manage your actions based on 1) deeper understanding of yourself and 2) more clarity about your current motivations.