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The Thyroid is a vital gland that secrets hormones that regulate critical functions in our bodies.  Whether you are looking for routine thyroid tests, wondering if you have Grave’s or Hashimoto’s Disease, Hyper or Hypothyroidism, we offer convenient and affordable testing.

The symptoms of a low body temperature are classic for low thyroid function and they often get better with thyroid medicine. Body temperatures are normally lower in the morning, higher in the afternoon, and lower again in the evening. So if the temperatures are low during the day when they’re supposed to be at their highest, that’s better evidence that there’s a problem.
Temperature patterns are also important and illuminating. How patients feel can be affected not only by how high or low their temperatures are but also on how steady their temps are. One temperature reading a day is not enough to see how widely the temperature is fluctuating, but more than three a day can be too time consuming.

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What is the Thyroid Basic Profile


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If the thyroid gland produces excessive amounts of T4 and T3, then the patient may have symptoms associated with hyperthyroidism, such as nervousness, tremors of the hands, weight loss, insomnia, and puffiness around dry, irritated eyes. In some cases, the patient’s eyes cannot move normally and they may appear to be staring. In other cases, the patient’s eyes may appear to bulge.
If the thyroid gland produces insufficient amounts of thyroid hormones, then the patient may have symptoms associated with hypothyroidism and a slowed metabolism, such as weight gain, dry skin, fatigue, and constipation. Blood levels of hormones may be increased or decreased because of insufficient or excessive production by the thyroid gland, due to thyroid dysfunction, or due to insufficient or excessive TSH production related to pituitary dysfunction.