The ultimate silencer…

You need to make sure you put it into the right place. Don’t do like that guy who complained the suppositories weren’t working. “Are you taking them as prescribed?” the Doctor asked. ” Yes, I take them twice a day with a cup of coffee”.
It goes right there..the new gadget:” the Ultimate Fart Silencer” and it helps to alleviate and decrease odors and sounds. One extremity of the silencer is open for venting while the other has a number of pinholes which attenuate and diffuse the gas and odor spray. It’s works like a silencer of trumpet player or the one of a gun man.
For the sophisticated and refined one the silencer can be filled with tiny cotton balls impregnated with perfumes and this would transform the experience into one of fragrance and pleasure.

This type of creative biological and quality of life improvement is naturally the product of a Chinese designer committed to improve the quality of life of his fellowman and goes under the name of “Big Chicken Mushroom“. He called the invention The Ultimate Fart Silencer.

The product is presented in several colors and lengths and marketed in small basket in lavatories and near preservative machines. Some companies, furthermore, are investigating the possibility of embedding the item in underwear while others are bedding their money more into a “Transformer” rather than into a “Silencer” and incorporating microchips and using the gas for the production of cellphones ringtones such that a phone call is being simulated.
Instructions accompanying the Fart Silencer recommend to insert the device as soon as one’s feel the need even if this may sometime be a bit embarrassing.

Not clear are the collateral effect of the Silencer and the possible damages which could be caused by the sudden expulsion of the object which, as a bullet, can create some serious damage.
Remember now, if you happen to smell some lavender scent while you’re having a conversation you know now what is actually taking place.

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