The Wellness Program motivates Self-Responsibility because it empowers participants to learn and understand how and why they make choices. People can develop more clarity about their specific personal responsibility for all processes in their personal and professional lives.
The Program is a support for an individual to more deeply explore and more clearly define personal needs, and then more accurately develop actions with realistic steps.

    • Behavior Catalyst  – For true whole-person life-balance and wellbeing, individuals need to dive deeper to examine their behavior patterns and motivations. Science has clearly demonstrated that our conscious and unconscious can impact our mental and physical health. Our program encourages keener awareness about behaviors in all dimensions of life.
    • Motivational & Support – The Assessment and Interactive Tools motivate and support sustained behavior change. We don’t just rely on “tips” or rewards, or give absolute direction – the program helps participants personally identify and drive their behavior change based on their immediate motivations. When a person owns their change, rather than following orders, that person is far more likely to be successful.
    • Engaging Interface for Participation  – The Wellness Program design makes it easy to navigation through many options based on individual motivations. People can create and track simple steps or dive into deeper exploration to learn about wellbeing in all 12 life dimensions.
    • Beyond Wellness – Personal Development.-  balanced with deep awareness, an individual can achieve optimal personal potential. The Wellness Program’s 12 dimensions result in improved health, focus, creativity, conflict resolution, teamwork, communications, and work-life balance.