Health e-Prints For Wellness

Wheel_100Health e-Prints For Wellness utilizes Life Coaching and The Wellness Inventory, a powerful online well-being management program.

The Wellness Inventory is a whole-person approach different and deeper than others. It informs and then transforms awareness into active personal responsibility. The Inventory is a foundation for your health and wellness over time and is not limited to diet and exercise, people are motivated to make changes that improve health and wellbeing in all aspects of their lives.
The participant can track and continually improve areas of his/her life that need attention at any given time. There is no “end point” to achieving a higher level of wellness that’s the right one.

It’s also a powerful way to organize all of the participant’s current activities (such as walking, yoga, meditation, bicycling, swimming, and nutritional plan) so that balance can be achieved in everything and more effectively.

The Inventory offers a clear, ongoing snapshot of you as a whole person at any given time in your life. Things change, new stressors and different options appear daily. Wellness Inventory helps you adjust and rebalance on a continuous basis. Darwin wrote, “It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”

Unlike other programs, this doesn’t ask about your weight, blood pressure, or stress level. Instead, Wellness Inventory sparks deep self-exploration so that you understand how your behavior impacts those things, and how all dimensions of your life interact to impact your total health and wellness – mind, body, and spirit.

Wellness Inventory helps you understand your current behavior and how you can make better choices to improve whatever you feel is important, what you’re most motivated to change at the moment – it could be weight, blood pressure, and stress level in addition to sense of self identity, personal and professional relationships, and meaning in everyday life.