Forensic Paternity

A DNA paternity testing is performed to determine the biological father of a child. Since we all inherit our DNA half from our mothers and half from our fathers,  a DNA  test can help in identify the father of the child.
The term Paternity comes from Latin Pater which means Father and the DNA Paternity test compares a child’s DNA pattern with that of an “alleged father” to determine if there is a match. When performed correctly in an experienced laboratory, it’s the most definitive proof of a biological relationship.

If you need paternity test results that can be used as a legal document, then a Legal
DNA Test
must be performed. Listed below are some common legal reasons that this test is used for:

    • Child Support
    • Child Custody
    • Immigration
    • Birth Certificate
    • Tax Forms
    • Will/Estate
    • Court Order
    • Adoption
    • Other Reasons

Forensic Paternity Test
Mother-Child & Alleged Father

DNA Collection Service CentersA legal paternity test requires that all tested parties have their DNA samples collected at a certified facility — such as local hospitals, medical offices and health departments. We offer the largest network of Certified Centers in North America and, when you place your order, we will find a convenient location near you and arrange for an appointment.
Our testing laboratory holds 6 laboratory certifications, including the prestigious AABB accreditationin relationship testing since 1996.