Cholesterol/HDl Ratio

The Cholesterol/HDL Ratio is a component of the Hearth Health Profile. The HDL in the blood is believed to serve two functions:   1) it coats the inside of the artery wall and provide a kind   of protective layer of grease to prevent fat deposits from building up and 2) it serves as scavenger by actually helping dissolve fatty deposits when they occur. The basic rule of balance for your blood is to have a relatively high amount of HDL in your body in relation to your total amount of cholesterol. This is called the Cholesterol/HDL Ratio.

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The Heart Health Panel includes Total Cholesterol, HDL, LDL, Triglyderides, VLDL, Cholesterol/HDl Ratio

The ratio in men should always be less than 5.0, and preferably less than 4.5. For women, the ratio should be lower and always under 4.0 and preferably under 3.5. In other words the man’s HDL should always represent at least 20% of the total cholesterol count (and preferably should   be 25% or greater). For a woman the HDL cholesterol   should make up at least 25% (or preferably 30%) of the  total cholesterol. The Cholesterol/HDL Ratio is probably the best predictor of future coronary disease. Active people with low levels of body fat tend to show the best cholesterol balance (ratio) in their blood.