Breathing and Meditation

Wheel_100The word Meditation comes from the Latin word ‘meditatio‘, which originally indicated any physical or mental exercise done scientifically. Meditatio in Latin thus originally indicated every type of physical or intellectual exercise. Later the concept evolved into the more specific meaning, “contemplation”, where awareness is brought forward on the reality of the present moment without deliberately encouraging imagination. Meditation makes one to feel detached from the world but somehow still keeping him intact with the present. One of the meanings of the word meditation is to control the activities of the mind, speech and body. Steadying the mind or focusing the concentration is one of the prime objectives of meditation.

Meditation thus can be termed as any one of the following: * A state of relaxed concentration over one’s mind while keeping the reality of the present moment intact
* A state of freedom of the mind, when the person’s mind is free of any kind of thoughts
* A state of spiritual concentration, which brings one closer to God.
* A state of concentration which helps one focus the mind on a single object or thought
* A state of detachment from the outside world, pressure and tensions
* A state of attaining not only a healthy mental condition but physical growth as well, and finally
* A process, which makes one look towards the positive side of the world, keeping all the negativity behind

All of the above teamed with the various types and process of meditation go a very long way in enhancing ones personality, changing ones attitude towards life, encouraging someone and building inner growth related to self-confidence and motivation.