Blood Type / Rh

When your practitioner tells you your “blood type,” you are being given two pieces of information :
your blood group and your Rh status.

A. Your blood group will be A, B, AB, or O. If you have “A” “B” or “O” blood group, you have antibodies in your blood plasma that destroy some of the other blood groups. If you have group “A” blood, you cannot receive blood that is group “B” and vice versa. If you have “O” blood, your body will create antibodies to fight “A” or “B” blood. If you have group “AB” blood however, your body will not create antibodies for any of the other blood groups.

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B. Your Rh status will be listed as negative (-) or positive (+). If you have Rh- blood, your body may form antibodies against Rh+ blood and destroy it. In order for this to happen, you must first be exposed to Rh+ blood (i.e., through a blood transfusion or carrying an Rh+ fetus). This can be a problem if you have antibodies against Rh+ blood and are pregnant with an Rh+ fetus. However, there is medication that can prevent this reaction from occurring if it is given immediately after you are exposed to Rh+ blood.