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An invitation to IMC Affiliation

Marketing Your Fitness Center While Caring For Your Members Health!

You rightly believe that exercise and fitness as essential for good health. This has been proven especially in serious illness such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease and in their most dangerous precursor: OBESITY.
They are many scientific studies which have proven that improving your blood pressure, lowering your blood sugar and increasing you HDL (good cholesterol) may significantly improve cardiovascular heath risks.

It has been proven that people have used our Health e-Prints, our Premier Health Screenings Services, as the first step toward enrolling in fitness and exercise programs.

Exercise programs are your specialty. You are in contact with your clients on a daily or weekly basis. It will be even easier for you to coach and encourage them using a Health e-Prints as a printed evidence of their metabolic improvements.

A smart move to wellness… Affiliation.

We are oriented in serving the best fitness centers in the United States. Those motivated by results which are not only about shapes and forms, or limited physical indexing (such as body fat%) but by more subtle, longer lasting, impactful changes: The Metabolic Changes.

Metabolic Syndrome…today everybody’s concern.

A large number of people may have serious health and metabolic problems (like diabetes or heart disease) and they may not even be aware of them. Sometime a simple blood test may save their lives and knowing about health risks for your members may even reduce your liability.

Diet programs, energy shakes, reduction of body fat are best done when they are combined with metabolic monitors. This is the true commitment to total health, prevention and wellness.

Exercise and fitness training demand an increase metabolism and higher and faster minerals and nutrients turn over. The InforMed Centers Premier Screening Services can detect, pinpoint and orient toward specific dietary changes and supplement inclusions which canl keep your members even more committed to their training program.

Those who engage in consistent workouts and physical mastery are in general more proactive with their health. Why not providing them with metabolic markers which not only confirms improved health, but can also detect illnesses even before symptoms manifest themselves.

Give your members the best of health and fitness achievements…let Health ePrints provide them the “printed evidence” of a better health while they follow the best of your training program and nutritional plan for optimum health.

Health e-Prints….Your Ultimate Wellness Partner

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